Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 3 of Tri Training

Well, this week got interrupted by some work issues and a long weekend family trip to Michigan.

Volume/Distance by discipline: Swim: 2 workouts 4329 meters/1:42 Bike: 2 workouts 24.55 miles 1:31 Run: 3 workouts 17.3miles/2:41 Total volume 5:54.

This is a big drop off from the 8 plus hours last week. I essentially missed two swim workouts and cut out half of a long run. About 2+ hours missed. This isn't too bad since my next race is some time off, but I'm on a new program to improve my speed, but I need to increase my base aerobic fitness and missing workouts ain't going to cut it.

It's very interesting how even though I've got literally hundreds of miles and hours under my belt from my various training efforts over the last 18 months, I feel like I"m at the beginning of my training life. Also, when I look at other folks, while I am certain I have the endurance, I have no "burst" dimension to my conditioning. This training is highlighting it. I can't move my max HR above 145 on pretty much anything I do. I can't do too intensive swim training since if I get winded, I can't swim through it, which is a critical aspect I see to having a consistent and persistent swim base. I'll have to be patient, and that's something that at this point in my training I'm having a tough time fostering.

The volume is substantial (for me). To get to 8-9+ hours weekly I'm having to rejigger a lot of things to get it all done. Gone by the wayside is one of my personal training sessions in order to leverage my wife's interest in a light swim workout Thursday evenings at the Y. That's not a bad compromise. I think I'm getting the strength training I need out of my push runs, miscellaneous drills and speedwork, and a single personal training session per week.

I'll be thankful to get in some routines to help me get through this. The biggest question mark is how I can get some quality road bike miles other than my jaunts to the picnic loop.

It was fun to train outside of Texas. The Y in Ann Arbor has a very interestingly configured pool. Since it's below a flood plain, they had to build a full size pool with depth to support scuba teaching above ground. It's really weird how within about12.5 yards, it goes from 4 ft deep to what looks like 12 feet. Following the line as I swim, it feels almost as though you're swimming down hill. Funky.

The push run on Saturday was awesome. It was more hills than I've ever run but I didn't really feel them. And based on my Suunto wrist top computer, they didn't slow me down much either. It was warm, but nothing compared to what that run would have been like in Texas. Also, I ran with a bottle of water (store bought 18oz). I thought it would drive me nuts, but it wasn't so bad. I may run with water more readily since having it "on demand" I'm sure helped me endure the run. My running courses try to incorporate water fountains, but they are rarely well positioned. (i.e. mile 3 and 4 on a 7 mile run).

Anybody have a good suggestion for a handheld bottle? I don't want to use a fuel belt, it looks uncomfortable and it would drive me nuts to fill the small bottles.

It's funny, I've only been racing one season (or not even one since I'm in the middle of my first) and I have like 8 bottles from all the events/races I attend. I keep one full and handy at all times.

Well, here's looking forward to a heavy week of training, including ugh, swim drills!

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