Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 2 of Tri Training

It' s not really week 2 since I finished about 18 weeks of training leading up to my race 5/31. But it's my new training under the watchful eye of @zentriathlon.

Volume/Distance by discipline: Swim: 4 workouts 7587 meters/3:06 Bike: 2 workouts 23.46 miles 1:29 Run: 4 workouts 3:42 23.1 miles. Total volume 8:18.

Coach Brett has me doing these push runs. Essentially, forget about speed, but every 10 minutes, stop to do push ups and squats. After the 3rd time (at 30 minutes), it's really hard to go back to running. Interestingly, I've never had IT Band issues, but they're sore now. Likely from the air squats.

I like this training. I'm shorting the bike a bit, but I think there are plenty of opportunities to make up biking in one long session. I'm definitely feeling stronger and taxed on my workouts. The truth will be in the pudding. It's proving to be a real challenge to get all my sessions in as planned. Volume goes up from here for the next two weeks. We'll have to see how I squeeze things in.

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