Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I wanna watch mooovies on the phone...

That's the line P gives me when K brings her to bed since it's too early to give her breakfast. It's the morning routine that usually involves K getting up, going downstairs to the house (which is in mid-remodel) to shower and get dressed for work. If I'm lucky, P stays asleep for about another 30 minutes so I can sleep more. But as is more likely, P wakes up before K has gone down for her shower. So she gets deposited on the bed and the only thing she wants is to watch movies on the iphone. So, we've downloaded a couple of movies (love Wallace & Gromit) and an episode of Olivia, but if they were on vinyl or VCR, they would have been worn out by now. So now, I've taken to surfing Youtube and finding child appropriate videos. Her favorite as of late is the hippo and dog singing the lion sleeps tonight. For some reason, I can't embed the video. Darn, so much for the cuteness factor. Anyway, if you have any recommendations, they are welcome. It doesn't seem like P has any chance of foregoing this ritual anytime soon, so I could use the ideas.

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